Tuesday, February 6, 2018

February 5th - 8th

Hello everyone welcome back to another week at the after school program! Here is what we have in store:

On Monday we will have Agent Devin and Austin's day. Devin will be hosting parachute games and activities in the gym. They will be working on team skills as they try to save their peers in a game of sharks and minnows. Agent Austin will conduct a game of math basketball upstairs. The students will be challenged on both their shooting hoops and math skills!

Tuesday is our infamous clubs day! We are beginning a new round of clubs including; Crestview, 4H, Pokemon, Chess/Checkers, and Knitting. Your kids should all be signed up by now for their specific club and they should look forward to all of our fun adventures every Tuesday!

This Wednesday will be Agent Kate and Tori's day. Agent Tori has planned on conducting a STEM building activity where the students will be given full creativity to create towers. They will have access to an abundant amount of materials, and full creative control. Agent Kate will have a fun game going on in the gym of balloon tennis! The students will be broken into teams, and will be asked to work together to play a game of tennis, with balloons instead of balls.

Thursday we will have Jackie with Keep Chadron Beautiful coming to our program! She will be teaching us about how we can keep our town in tip top shape, and what impact we make on our own environment. The students will spend time with her doing different activities, and developing more skills on how they can keep Chadron beautiful.

Thanks for reading and for being a part of our after school program. We look forward to seeing you this week!

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