Tuesday, February 20, 2018

February 19th-22nd

Welcome back to another great week at the after school program here at Chadron Intermediate School! We are happy to see all of you again this week, and have numerous entertaining, beneficial, and educating activities planned for this week. Here is the breakdown:

Monday: Snow Day! We hope that you all stayed warm, and enjoyed your day off.

Tuesday: Today will be clubs day! As per usual on our Tuesday's, club times will be from 4:14 pm - 5:!5 pm. These are a great way for the kids to spend their time here at ASP, and they all seem to enjoy each and every club! These include: 4H, Knitting, Pokemon, Chess/Checkers, and Crestview. Each one of the clubs have their own activities planned, and we anticipate having a great day!

Wednesday: Agent Kate and Agent Tori have planned two fun activities for the students on this day. In the gym Agent Tori will be conducting a great team building activity called the human knot. The students will be asked to grab their peers' hands and work as a team to 'un-knot' themselves. This activity will definitely be challenging, but a fun way to practice communication, trust, and teamwork. Upstairs Agent Kate will be guiding the students through STEM building projects using Lego's. The students will be asked to create their very best tower, bridge, pool, etc. Kate will give them some ideas to get them started and then let the creativity take control after that.

Thursday: Today will be Agent Troy's day! He has planned to play a game of bowling...but taken to the next level. Also the students will test their STEM knowledge with an activity that your students will definitely enjoy.

There is no after school program on Fridays, so enjoy your weekend! We hope that all the students enjoyed their time here this week, and we look forward to seeing them on Monday.

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