Monday, January 29, 2018

January 29th-February 1st

Hello everyone! Welcome back to a new week! Here's a look at what's happening at CIA:

On Monday we are glad to be hosting Leah Gremm from UNL Extensions who will be coming in and teaching the students on the dangers of drug use through drug fact BINGO. Additionally, we will be testing the students' STEM abilities with some LEGO challenges.

Tuesday, as always, brings clubs. This is our final session for clubs this month. Next month the clubs will be Chess/Checkers, 4H Explorers, Pokemon cards, and baking. Let your students know!

Wednesday, agents Emma and Becca will be planning the activities. We will doing some relay races in the gym- this will work on getting our heart rates up! The academic activity will be boat making, but the catch is that there is limited supplies, and they must float!

For Thursday, there will be no CIA due to parent teacher conferences. I repeat, NO CIA!

Thanks for reading!

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