Thursday, January 19, 2017

CIA January 23rd-January 26th

CIA January 23rd-January 26th

January 23
National Drug Facts and Basketball
-Academic: Leah Gremm will be coming to provide a lesson on drug facts for National Drug Fact Week.

-Physical: We will begin the fundamentals of Baskeball part 1 of 4 we will be focusing on passing and layups for today.
Jauary 24
Writing & Stations
-Academic: The students will be given time to practice their writing skills today; they will be allowed to write a story over on of the prompts provided. The prompts will be winter themed ones, and if the students please, they can read their stories to the group.

-Physical: We will be doing stations to get our heart rate going and we will continue to discuss why our heart rates are so important.
January 25
Legos and Parachute
-Academic: Today will be a LEGO day! The students can build on their own, or as a group.
-Physical: Agent Cara will be in the gym playing multiple games involving the parachutes. This is a great activity for team building and communication
January 26
Agent Cara’s Day
-Academic: Agent Cara has planned an activity for students to use their critical thinking skills and steps of the scientific method to complete an experiment involving instant hot chocolate mix!

-Physical: Agent Cara has planned a fun and intriguing physical activity that involves building a hula hut! Students will work as a team to complete a relay race.

Students will be split by grade and will trade daily on who is doing homework first.  
3-3:45, 3:45-4:30, 4:30-5:15 ,5:15-5:30
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