Monday, October 17, 2016

CIA Schedule 10-17 to 10-27

CIA October 17th-October 27th

October 17
Ryan+Troy Day
Academic will be doing a Fall activity and the activity group will be doing capture the flag activity with an emphasis on heart health and learning to move.
October 18
Club Day
On club days students will be given 30 minutes to work on their homework. Just a friendly reminder that they may not get completely done on these days! This months club options are Cara and Kate’s Kooking Corner, Mathmagicians, #halloween, and Yoga.
October 19
Jordan’s Day/ Keep Chadron Beautiful
Jordan will be planning the activities for the day. One rotation will be planned by Jordan and the other rotation will be an activity with Keep Chadron Beautiful.
October 20
Club Celebrations/ Lights on Afterschool
Clubs will be celebrating the end of the October round of clubs. Once the party is over they will be celebrating Lights on Afterschool. We are doing a health fair and Halloween Safety. Everyone is welcome to attend starting at 4:45PM.

October 24
No CIA/ Parent Teachers Conference
October 25
No CIA/ Parent Teachers Conference
October 26
Agent Jordan’s Day
Jordan will be running a STEM activity and Troy will be working on greeting others with a CARDS activity.
October 27
Agent Austyn
Agent Cara will be running two activities. In the gym we will be learning to move and in Mr. Bachs room we will be doing a STEM activity.
Students will be split by grade and will trade daily on who is doing homework first.  
3-3:45, 3:45-4:30, 4:30-5:15 ,5:15-5:30
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Monday, October 3, 2016

Today At CIA...

Hello everyone! Today at CIA we will spend one rotation learning to move properly, and in a fun way! The students will learn various movements, and how to apply them to physical activity. A game will likely follow the lesson which will give the students an opportunity to showcase their new skills! The academic rotation will be homework, as well as a fall craft. We will be making Popsicle stick scarecrows which will be hung on our fall bulletin board! Pictures of the bulletin board will be posted later this week on our Twitter page! Don't miss out on awesome updates, give us a follow at: