Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Final Day of our 3rd Club Session

Today we are finishing up our third session of clubs. 

We had Cooking, NRD, Wet & Wild, March Madness and Crestview Clubs.
I didn't get any pictures of Crestview but did get some from the other clubs today. NRD handed out their certificates of completion and got a visit from Smoky the Bear. Cooking club finished up by making a healthy veggie pizza snack, Wet & Wild ended things with learning and then making compost piles. March madness wrapped things up with a wall ball competition. We will sign up for our final club sessions this Thursday and next Monday! 

 March Madness wall ball competition.
 Wet & Wild making their compost piles. 
 Cooking Club finding out what will go on their Veggie Pizza.
 Davin receiving his certificate of completion. 
NRD club loves Smoky the Bear.

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