Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Cow Heart Dissection

February was National Heart Month, and CIA spent a few days learning about the heart. We also learned hands on CPR with our Anne dolls. Last Thursday we had the opportunity to watch a cow heart dissection. Kaci Swinney came over and showed us one heart she dissected at the middle school and then dissected on for us. The students that stayed really enjoyed being able to watch and interact with the cow heart. Later this month we look forward to dissecting a brain and possibly eyeballs as well. 
 Agent Kate & Taya comparing their heart sizes, 
 Chayse the assistant.
 Hudson and John feeling the hearts chambers. 
 Alivia & Grace weren't so sure about it, but they were troopers and tried it out!
 Bella & Kenli discovering where the blood flows through the heart. 
Agent Cara and Agent Makala also thought it was fun exploring the heart. 

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