Friday, September 27, 2013

Super Store Catalog

CIA Super Store Catalog

Notebook  $15.00

File Boxes  $15.00
Rocket scientist key chain with thermometer and compass $20.00

Whirly Wing $20.00

Neon Glow Sticks  $20.00
 Sidewalk Chalk  $3.00
Lego creation sets  $50.00

Sun catchers  $10.00 includes paint and brush
Sun Glasses  $25.00

Variety Halloween Toys  $3.00 each

Astronaut Ice Cream Sandwich $30.00
Metallic Watercolor Paint sets  $30.00
Tote Bags $10.00  includes Puffy Paint to Decorate!
Snacks:  Chocolate, Sour and More!!  $5.00 each
NASA and Smokey Bear Temporary Tattoos $5.00 each 
Books  $5.00 each
Punch Ball Balloons  $10.00 each
Air- Zooka  $100.00

Inflatable Space Shuttle 3' by 5'   $150.00

Movies Rated G  $30.00
Gliders $50.00 each

If you are interested in donating items for the CIA Super Store,      e-mail Kaci Swinney at

All CIA students are issued a CIA bank account.  They receive $1.00 a day for attending and additional dollars for Positive behavior.  Students can also earn money for completing the Weekly Challenges sent home on the CIA weekly schedule.  

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