Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Math Tutors from CSC Have Arrived!

     For the past two years, math students from Dr. Wentworth's math courses at CSC have been tutoring students at CIA.  This fall we have two or three tutors a night!!!  This is a huge help to all of the students at CIA.  I would also like to use this as an opportunity to remind parent that tutors and agents do a wonderful job helping students with their homework, however we have over 80 students a night.  Rotations are 30 minutes long.  Students do not always have time to complete all of their homework in one rotation.  If you would like your student to complete academics BEFORE rotating, please email me at  We offer enrichment activities and social activities as well.  All of these components of the program make it as successful as it is.  Thank you for allowing you children to attend CIA.

Math tutor Shea Lindsey works with a 4th grade math student during academic time.

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