Monday, August 12, 2013

Start the Year With CIA

Chadron Intermediate After School Program will begin on Tuesday, August 20th.  CIA  is open to all Third and Fourth graders free of charge.  Program begins promptly after school at 3:05.  Students head to the gym and sign in with one of the six CIA Agents.  Students are given the choice of having a snack offered by the program.  Cost for the snack is deducted from each students' lunch account.  A student who receives free lunch during the school day, receives a free snack at CIA.  A student who receives reduced price lunch during the day, receives snack for $.40.  A student who receives regular priced lunch receives snack for $.70.  Snack is optional and students may bring their own snack to enjoy.  We do ask that students bring snack only for themselves and not for others.  This is due to food allergies.  Remember that pop and candy are not allowed to be eaten in the lunch when free and reduced snacks or meals are being served.  This is a state regulation.
In addition to snack at CIA students will enjoy physical activity time outside before and academics or Activities are presented.  We do group the students each day for activities and academics.  CIA has had such a wonderful following of students that in order to provide a safe, enjoyable and educational environment  we have had to increase our group numbers and staff numbers.  If you wish for your child to complete their homework before any activities, please let Mrs. Swinney know on the enrollment form.  More information will be sent home with your child.
Mrs. Grant and I had an awesome experience at Kennedy Space Center this summer.  We received wonderful training opportunities that we will be sharing with students at CIA.  CIA utilizes STEM activities to enrich student experiences and also their performance in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.
You will receive more information in you child's folder.  Please check out the booth set up at Chadron Intermediate's open house on Thursday, August 15th from 1:15- 2:45.

This is a Photo of the Nebraska Space Ambassadors with Kennedy Space Center Director Astronaut Bob Cubana.  Mrs. Grant and I were very pleased to make his acquaintance.  

The group took a break to pose for a photo outside the recently finished Space Shuttle Atlantis Center.  This multi- million dollar complex houses the space shuttle Atlantis.  We had the opportunity to ride the "shuttle launch experience".  IT WAS AWESOME!!

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