Wednesday, June 5, 2013


The first week of space camp at CIS has been a blast thanks to Ken and his crew from the Nebraska Space and Aeronautics Museum.  They have shared many great activities getting us to think like scientists.  Students loved blasting off their water rockets, and the blow up planetarium is AWESOME!  Any future astronauts in the bunch???--maybe!!!--we all got to ride the astronaut trainer.  (Even Mrs. Swinney and Mrs Grant who have decided they are not astronaut material!!!)  Enjoy the pictures below:

Making a candy scale model of the Planets

Are you astronaut material?????

Ken has been a great leader!

Macey's hair swiping the ground!!!

Kaylee enjoying the ride!!

Jake & Dylan upside down

Mrs. Grant screaming, "Get me Out of Here!!!"

Go Mrs. Swinney

Mrs. Swinney and Mrs. Grant's Wild Ride!

Alex, an engineering student from UNL, working with students on rockets

Sarah and Miss Courtney busy at work

Painting the Planets!

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