Thursday, December 13, 2012


What a fun week at CIA learning about how other countries around the world celebrate the holidays!  Monday, students learned about Christmas in Germany.  Students created a pickle ornament and learned that whichever child finds the pickle on the tree gets an extra present.  However, according to some of our research, this may not really be a "German tradition," but it sure sounds like a fun one!  Students made frosting for a German cookie bar called Lubkuchen that Mrs. Grant made the night before.  Then we tried it out.

On Tuesday, Shane's mom who grew up in the Philippines, brought some traditional Filipino food for us to try.  We sampled biko (rice cakes) and pancin (noodles and vegetables).  We also learned about the parol (Star lantern) tradition in the Philippines and made our own lantern decoration.

Wednesday brought Mexican buenoles to CIA.  Students really enjoyed the fried treat with cinnamon and sugar from the Mexican Christmas culture.  We also learned the legend of the poinsettia and made a keepsake fan.

We had a special treat on Thursday when two of our own CIA staff members shared about Christmas in Sweden.  Rachel, one of our agents has full Swedish ancestory, and she taught us some Swedish language and also brought some traditional costumes for us to see, and some of our students modeled them.  (See the pix).  Lorna, our program director, brought many things for us to see about Christmas in Sweden including a cookie press that has been passed down in her family from almost 100 years ago.  She also brought us delicious cookies to sample.  Students made a dala horse ornmaent and a Swedish basket.  Lorna also brought a guest, Lauren, to wear the St. Lucia costume and model the traditional routine of St. Lucia Day.

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