Thursday, September 20, 2012

CIA student posts #2

CIA group two September 20th

I like CIA because we do fun things and fun stuff.  We get to go outside.  WE have fun. -Gavin Deckert 3rd grade
I like the science experiments.- Kristen  3rd grade
I like CIA because there are nice teachers. - Makai  3rd grade
I like CIA because we do projects and go outside.  Mrs. Swinney's the best. - Jillian  3rd grade
I like CIA  because I have fun and it is a great place.- Leah  3rd grade
The best part is we have fun and the teachers there are so nice. - Kaylee 3rd grade
CIA is EPIC! I  get to play wall ball!! -Michael 3rd grade
I like CIA because the teachers are nice. - Posiden Sanchez 3rd grade
I like CIA because it's awesome and the teachers are nice. - Gaurav Chima 3rd grade
CIA is fun because we do fun stuff. Kahilynn Ex 4th grade
CIA is fun and the Agents are fun too. - Dayleann Bannan 3rd grade
CIA rocks!! I always get my home work done. - Austin McCabe 4th grade
I like it when we get to be funny!! Shane Frye 3rd grade
I love CIA because I always get homework done.  I have fun doing activities. -Rebecca Menke 4th grade

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