Friday, September 21, 2012

Cia weekly schedule September 24 through 28

3:10 to 3:50 each day is snack and physical activity time and
5:30 to 6:00 is free choice/clean up/dismissal time unless otherwise noted
Monday, September 24th
Students will be all in one group today; academics first; activity from 4:30 to 5:30
Tuesday, September 25th
All students will again do academic first, and students will rotate through some stations with watermelon activities (including eating some, of course!) Activity time:  4:30 to 5:30
Wednesday, September 26th
Students will be in two groups alternating between activity and academic homework time.  (45 minutes each) (4:00 to 5:30)
Thursday, September 27th
Students will be in three groups alternating between water science, academic homework time, and eating our El Nino pudding from Thursday.   (30 minutes each)(4:00 to 5:30)
Friday, September 28th
Here is next week's CIA activity agenda.  Mrs. Swinney will be un aviaible on Monday and Tuesday.  Email if you have any questions or concerns.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cia student Posts #1

CIA group one September 20th

I like CIA because we get to do a lot of science projects. -Katelyn 4th grade
I like CIA because I get to be with my friends, play outside and have fun. - Joel 3rd grade
The best thing about CIA is the teachers that teach us.- Niel 4th grade
Doing activities at CIA is so fun! - Cobie  4th grade
My favorite part of CIA is doing the robotics.- Sawyer  4th grade
I love robotics at CIA! - Ryan 3rd grade
I love CIA! Eric 4th grade
I like CIA because we get to have fun.- Jesse Stolley 3rd grade
I like recess and home work time.- Barrett Cedar Face 3rd grade

CIA student posts #2

CIA group two September 20th

I like CIA because we do fun things and fun stuff.  We get to go outside.  WE have fun. -Gavin Deckert 3rd grade
I like the science experiments.- Kristen  3rd grade
I like CIA because there are nice teachers. - Makai  3rd grade
I like CIA because we do projects and go outside.  Mrs. Swinney's the best. - Jillian  3rd grade
I like CIA  because I have fun and it is a great place.- Leah  3rd grade
The best part is we have fun and the teachers there are so nice. - Kaylee 3rd grade
CIA is EPIC! I  get to play wall ball!! -Michael 3rd grade
I like CIA because the teachers are nice. - Posiden Sanchez 3rd grade
I like CIA because it's awesome and the teachers are nice. - Gaurav Chima 3rd grade
CIA is fun because we do fun stuff. Kahilynn Ex 4th grade
CIA is fun and the Agents are fun too. - Dayleann Bannan 3rd grade
CIA rocks!! I always get my home work done. - Austin McCabe 4th grade
I like it when we get to be funny!! Shane Frye 3rd grade
I love CIA because I always get homework done.  I have fun doing activities. -Rebecca Menke 4th grade

CIA student posts #3

Alisyn Swinney, Ayla Kephart, Isabella Harry, Triston Massa, Garett Reese

I Love CIA because of all the fun things we do! - Triston 3rd grade
I like CIA because we do a lot of fun activities!! Alisyn
I like it because  we get FBI tickets. - Isabella  3rd grade
I love CIA because we built houses out of food. - Garett  3rd grade
I love the activities.- Ayla  3rd grade

September CIA activity calendar

   This is the september activity calendar.  The monthly activity calendar will be posted on the blog, as well as sent home with the students. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Smartboard learning


 Today at CIA we are playing educational games on the Smart board.You don't need a Smart board to do this.You can do it on a computer at home too.The website is This game is Hang mouse.It's like hangman.There are more educational games on Science hope you have as much fun playing Hang mouse as we did.

                                                    - Jameson Margetts, 4th grade CIA student

Thursday, September 13, 2012

CIA Is Off To a Great Start

CIA  Chadron Intermediate After School Program

    What do you get when you mix 112 students, 9 staff members, activities, academic time and fun?  CIA of course!  This year we alredy have 112 students enrolled in the program.  Eight of our staff members are returning from last year.  Program started on August 21st.  That afternoon we had 73 students attend!
     Parent support is a key factor in the success of the program.  We currently have 6 parent volunteers.  Parents are always welcome to join in the fun.  Whether your student comes for academic help, activities or both, your participation is appreciated.
    Some changes have occured scince last year.  Snack is no longer Provided free of charge to all students.  If your child receives lunch at regular cost, snack is $.70 per day.  If your child receives reduced price lunches, snack is $.40.  If your child receives free lunch, snack is free.  Snack fees will be deducted from lunch accounts.  There is not a seperate account for CIA snack.  Please send snack money to school the same way you send lunch money.  You can view all of your chlid's snack charges on the chadron schools website via the parent portal.  Feel free to send a nonperishable snack with your child if you prefer.  Snack is not required, it is an option.  A snack menu is included with the monthly lunch menu.
     Feel free to contact me with any quetions regaurding the program.  My e-mail address is  You may also call the CIS office with questions.  I will return your call.   Monthly and weekly calendars are sent home with your child.  Please read carefully as we do take students on field trips off campus. 
Kaci Swinney- CISASP Site Coordinator

Coming soon... Robotics at CISASP

     Students will soon begin to explore robotics at CISASP.  I had the opportunity to attend a Nebraska Blast Robotics training this summer.  At the training, I learned how assemble, program and teach the robotics curriculum. The CISASP received 12 robot kits. This is a wonderful addition to our Cosmic connections curriculum.   We already have a few students using the kits to build  simple bots.  Depending on the interest of the students, we may have enough students to compete in First Lego League Competition.

Balloon Powered Cars- By Rayna Webster

Today students at CIA build balloon powered cars. They learned about how air can move anything that is light. You can make things by learning off the internet. The balloon powered cars are cool and easy to make all you need to do is to go to Mrs. Grant (a third grade teacher) and aks her for instructions.
-Rayna Webster, 4th grade student, CIS